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About ElectroCure

ElectroCure is a Low Cost Smart Metering solution with Meter-less Architecture. Single Module Serves Multiple Consumers, Hence Helps in Cost Reduction per Consumer.
It's an Ideal Solution for Electricity Theft & Losses Detection. ElectroCure Provides Real Time Data Acquisition of Electricity Distribution Network, Metering, Monitoring & Control.


The overall architecture is similar to smart metering, which provides a real time electricity consumption measurement & sends data to regional data center of electricity supply company automatically.
ElectroCure solution is multi tariff, demand response, remote controlled power on/off and interactive interface. The Distribution boxes installed at consumer end will record and send energy usage periodically to regional data center (RDC).


  • Reduction of 30% electricity losses including theft losses, technical losses & administrative losses.
  • Reduces HR cost by automatically sending alerts & data to central billing system.
  • Developed by technical experts.
  • Developed according to international standards and needs