Intelligent Transportation System ITS


A Secure and Intelligent Transportation System using Wireless Sensors for congestion Control Project initiated in collaboration with ICT R & D Fund, Ministry of IT, Pakistan. Project aims to:

  • Investigate, develop and implement the most appropriate queuing theory algorithms to prioritize queues (traffic lanes) based on the gathered real time traffic data and alleviate congestion by autonomously controlling the traffic signals through an installed Decision/Control unit.
  • Develop a feasible criteria to prioritize traffic lanes as well as certain vehicles e.g. ambulances, law enforcement vehicles in pursuit etc.
  • Research a feasible multi-radio/multi-channel communication technique to allow multiple RFID readers to report to a central control/decision making unit that embeds the queuing theory algorithm for real time-on the spot decision making.
  • Develop a cooperative communication algorithm i.e. network topology and dissemination algorithm that monitors the collective decision making by multiple Decision/Control units in a certain area to optimize congestion control.
  • Compare the existing and most relevant solutions using a suitable simulation tool to develop appropriate benchmarking tests for the proposed solution.
  • Test and implement the developed queuing theory algorithm, multichannel assignment algorithm, and the network topology formation and dissemination algorithm in the locally designed wireless modules.