HVDS (High Voltage Distribution Systems) is a technology where the electricity is distributed to the consumers at Higher Voltage Level (11kV) instead of Low Voltage (400V/240V). Normally in the present distribution network, the 11kV HT line goes to the DTC (Distribution Transformer Centre) and from there lengthy LT Lines (400V/240V) are drawn to give supply to different installations. In HVDS System the HT lines run up to the installation premises and there it is stepped down through a transformer before feeding it to the consumers.

Our smart HVDS converts the existing 3 phase, 4 wires lines to 11KV systems using the existing supports and providing intermediate poles wherever necessary. Individual transformers are provided to different load categories. HVDS is most successful method in dropping the technical losses and improving the quality of supply in power distribution system.

The HVDS reconfigures the existing low voltage network as high voltage distribution system, wherein the 11KV line is taken as near to the loads as achievable and the LT power supply is fed from small capacity transformer and minimum length of LT line. Converting LT lines to HVDS reduces the current by 28 times and carries down the technical losses in the LT line by multiple folds.


  • Effectively reduces high losses in the distribution network
  • Improves quality of supply
  • Improves HT/LT ratio
  • Network reconfiguration
  • Provision of HT supply for bulk consumers
  • Utilizes feeders as per capacity


  • Elimination of Poor tail end Voltage
  • To prevent resistive losses
  • To reduce energy theft
  • For ease in monitoring of unauthorized hooking or tapping of the bare conductors
  • To reduce the impact of failure transformers on the consumers
  • Developed by technical experts