About US


"To bring a technological revolution through providing secure, smart and innovative solutions to build a prosperous society"

About CISNR:

CISNR seeks to balance energy security, economic growth and environmental concerns through technology. We aim to create smart and independently operated artificial intelligence based systems having state of the art wireless/wired sensor network architectures to ensure timely and accurate data and information communication frameworks that adhere to our goal towards an environmentally secure world having a more responsive energy conservation and reusability approach.

CISNR works on building tools to provide a secure energy distribution systems in the form of “Intelligent and Secure Electricity Distribution and Management System”. We have been a major contributor on national level in design and manufacturing of Smart Grid/Smart metering based equipment of international standards. We have experts in Smart Grid and Smart Metering technologies, Intelligent System Design, Electrical Communication Systems Design, VLSI Design, Multi-Core Processing, Energy Management Systems, Database Design in Oracle, MySQL and SQL Server, Web Designing in PHP, ASP, Python, Perl, Programming in C/C++, C-Sharp, VB .Net, Java, Assembly Language and other related fields.

At CISNR, we hire experts for a stipulated period of time who in addition to their tasks help the undergraduate students with their projects and train them with new technologies and equipment. Moreover, we have been in our own capacity, training youth by engaging them in different projects as internees and by providing technical support during their final year projects, apprising them of research methodology which helps them in securing better job opportunities.