Design and implementation of a Prototype for a Secure Billing Framework with Real Time Detection of Malicious End Node Connections using Wireless Sensor Networks to Curb Electricity Theft. Project initiated in collaboration with Peshawar Electric Power Company (PEPCO)to reduce/eliminate electricity theft that accounts for a loss of an approximate 40 Billion Rs annually. Deployment of wireless sensor modules interfaced with compact current transformers to measure and compare readings at different locations for detection of any instances of meter bypassing is currently underway. Obtain a low cost optimal design for meter reading and wireless transmission using Computational Intelligence techniques. Explore high processing capabilities of 32 bit Microcontrollers for processing of large chunks of data at the Access/Subscriber Modules (distribution point). Develop effective information dissemination algorithms to communicate the data efficiently and reliably between different

smartgrid2 Smart and Secure Electricity Billing Framework