This project aims to reduce the electricity losses through theft detection, & load balancing by detecting anomalies and other administrative / technical losses. This project in its core has been initiated to standardize a very low cost electrical smart metering device called ElectroCure and commercialize it nationally and internationally. ElectroCure product is to be launched by CISNR and is funded by IGNITE. The worth of the project is of 39.9 Million PKR.

ElectroCure is a unique and multi-featured product with no competitors in-land and abroad. ElectroCure is an innovative idea of smart Metering with meter-less architecture that not only stops the meter theft but it also provides a low cost smart metering solution. With just a single module, it furnishes service to multiple consumers. It is inspired by the smart metering solutions that exist across the globe, with an added feature of integration and real time data acquisition of the whole infrastructure for theft and other malicious activities apart from metering. ElectroCure is an ideal solution for the third world countries facing huge loss through electricity theft like hooking on the electricity lines and to the technologically advanced countries denying smart metering because of the huge capital and run-time costs. It addresses social problems such as unemployment, industrial collapse, lack of foreign investment, law and order situation and decline in health, business and education sectors arising from electricity theft and shortfall. Moreover, this solution can be integrated easily with the current electricity infrastructure without completely revamping the whole set up. Electrocure, not only caters to administrative and technical losses but also identifies electricity theft by detecting electricity tampering such as, hooking, Meter Bypassing, Meter Tampering and Meter reading Handling.