HVDS system for technical loss reduction by improving ratio of HT to LT lines. When the ratio increases it causes:

  1. Reduction in technical losses in electrical distribution system
  2. Improvement in supply quality and reliability.
  3. Reduction in commercial losses

Causes of higher technical losses

  • Spontaneous and disorganized expansion of networks
  • Low HT/LT ratio
  • Unbalanced load at distribution transformer
  • Improper location of distribution transformer
  • Non – optimal conductor size
  • Inadequate augmentation of transmission and distribution system
  • Lengthy distribution lines
  • Electricity theft from LT

Advantages of using HVDS

  • Reduction of Phase to phase fault
  • Less Number of consumers are affected in case of failure of smaller distribution transformer(HT lines)
  • Almost impossible to connect hooks on HT network lines
  • Reduction in winding heating and burning
HVDS-System Losses Reduction through Smart HVDS System