pennwell.web_.600.435 Transfocure


We have implemented and evaluated a pilot scale implementation for load balancing to accomplish Transformer Monitoring and Metering. The system is quite efficient in detecting and isolating instances of Malicious Activities.

TransfoCure provides a system architecture for the transformer’s monitoring and metering and continuous surveillance of the distribution lines, thus taking care of all forms of Electricity faults and metering related to

  • Phase voltages/Currents (Under/Over voltages and Currents)
  • Power Factors on various phases
  • Maximum Demand Indicator (MDI-daily/weekly/monthly/yearly)
  • Off-peak/Peak Demands and capacity indication
  • Link down detection
  • Over load detection
  • Metering data collection and accumulation
  • Reactive power collection and accumulation
  • Unbalance load/Fluctuation detection

The system provides the data acquisition of the whole infrastructure in real time.

pennwell.web_.600.435 Transfocure