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About GMS

GMS monitors the performance parameters of generator by monitoring its electrical consumption, currents (I), voltages (V), KVA, PF (Power Factors), KWH (units consumption), temperature, oil level and vibration. GMS issue warning alarms in case of fuel theft, harmful resonances, overheating and oil/fuel consumption. GMS alerts the concern personnel to deal with the generator’s abnormalities/anomalies. Our system comprises of hardware, software, firmware, website and mobile application with an onsite energy analyzer. It provides holistic view of overall generator, its health and performance in real-time.


  • Three Phase four wire connection.
  • On demand and scheduled meter reading.
  • PF calculation peak current, peak voltage.
  • Measures active & reactive energy & power.
  • Generator fault detection and reporting.
  • Built in GPRS for secure and fast communication.
  • Unbalanced load detection & remote switching.
  • Customized meter Rreading i.e. hourly, daily, weekly, monthly.
  • Long Life, Clear, Wide and High Contrast Display.
  • Metering and Reactive Power Data Collection.
  • MDI Measurement.
  • Load Profile Data Recording.