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Smart Flood Management

    The system aims at:
  • Management of floods using real time information management system & efficient prediction models.
  • Identifies areas prone to floods through Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs).
  • Reduce the vulnerability to life due to flooding, as well as to alleviate
    the damages resulting from flood disaster.
  • Manufacturing of sensors and development of appropriate distribution architecture to monitor the areas for the prediction of potential flooding.

Smart Earthquake Management

    The system has following features:
  • It provides an artificial intelligent system that will predict the land slides.
  • It consists of 5 types of sensors called Soil Moisture Sensor, Rain Sensor, Accelerometer, Flex Sensor & Strain Gauge Sensor which will send collective data to a slide meter
  • In case of an imminent slide the slide meter will generate a visual alert for vehicles moving in the direction of the land slide to halt their further progress.
  • It will notify a control center for immediate rescue and relief services

Smart Landslide Management

    The system has following features:
  • It aims to detect the level of aftershocks after earthquakes in order
    to prevent further catastrophes.
  • The system will not only predict the magnitude of the aftershock but also an accurate time of occurrence and their frequency.
  • In case of an earthquake the rector scale measurements will be transmitted to the regional control center.
  • Satellite images of the earthquake affected areas will be obtained.