ElectroCure metering with meter-less architecture is a unique idea, that not only stops the Electricity theft but it also provides a low cost smart metering solution. Since a single module is used for multiple consumers it helps in cost reduction per consumer for the smart metering implementation. This solution can be integrated easily with the current electricity infrastructure without completely revamping the whole setup. It is inspired by the smart metering solutions that exist across the globe, with added features of integration and real time data acquisition, thus, enabling the whole infrastructure to detect theft and other malicious activities along with metering. It is an ideal solution for the third world countries facing massive loss due to electricity theft, and the technologically advanced countries, which do not make use of smart metering due to huge capital requirements and runtime costs. Our innovative product provides real-time data acquisition of electricity distribution network, metering, monitoring and control. This system not only reduces electricity theft but also reduces HR cost by automatically sending anomaly alerts and the metering data to the central billing system for billing purposes with least input from HR. Once in place, the meters installed at consumer premises will be no longer needed, thus, naturally there are no added costs on the supply companies for the implementation of the ElectroCure project. Our novel device provides extra features of auto-metering and monitoring with theft proof architecture.


  • Meter-less Architecture
  • Theft proof smart metering
  • Real-time monitoring of the consumer
  • Continuous remote monitoring
  • Multi-phase power management
  • Anomaly communication
  • Real time energy management
  • Less infrastructure requirement
  • Less maintenance cost
  • Dynamic peak hours management
  • Compatibility with current infrastructure
  • Short circuiting information
  • Addresses more than 90% of the losses
  • Technology based on Internet of Things (IoT)

The overall architecture of Metering systems is similar to that of smart metering, which provides a real time electricity consumption measurement and sends data to regional data center of electricity supply company for billing. However, the ElectroCure solution is multi tariff, demand response, remote controlled power on/off and interactive interface. The Distribution boxes installed at consumer end will record and send energy usage periodically to regional data center (RDC). In regional data center consumed electricity measurement is compared with the transmitted energy hence locating the electricity theft on the transmission and distribution lines. The RDC will update the Central Data Center (CDC) connected to all the regional data centers via internet. This solution eliminates the use of smart meters from the electricity grid and uses two-way communication to control the energy usage at consumer homes to save energy, reduce cost, and increase efficiency and transparency.


  • Reduction of 30% electricity losses including theft losses, technical losses and administrative losses.
  • Single module for multiple consumers providing cost reduction per consumer for the smart metering implementation.
  • Developed by technical experts.
  • Developed according to international standards and needs.