TransfoCure provides an automatic system for transformer monitoring and control, data collection and control, and an efficient and intelligent mechanism to avoid all the inappropriate, inefficient and error prone procedures. TransfoCure provides various run time parameters such as, voltages, currents, power factor, link down, short circuit, unbalancing and phase shifts. Through these parameters the device not only identifies the inefficiency in the infrastructure of the network but also protects the transformer from damages due to overloading and unbalanced load connectivity. TransfoCure can also help in reduction of fuel cost for generators by identifying the desired generator capacity.


  • Remote current, KVA, KVAR, PF, Voltage Monitoring
  • Trends & graphical view for KVA, KVAR, Power Factor & Voltage
  • Real-time consumption
  • Real-time peak/Off-peak time adjustment
  • Transformer & boxes summary (Description & location etc.)
  • Consumption logs & consumption graphs
  • Transformer fault detection & reporting
  • Peak time schedules
  • System user control panel search specific information
  • Language selection (English & Urdu)
  • Link down and overload detection
  • Metering and reactive power data collection and accumulation
  • Unbalance load detection
  • Meter programming
  • Maximum demand measurement
  • Power factor calculation, peak current, peak voltage, real, apparent and reactive power


  • Reduction of costs by 27% due to reduction in technical and administrative losses (Results of pilot testing in Military Engineering Services (MES) of Kharian, Peshawar, and Gujranwala)
  • Real-time data acquisition
  • Developed by technical experts
  • Developed according to international standards and needs