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Our Mission

We aim at providing smart and intelligent solutions to the society that create a balance in managing energy, economic growth and environment through accurate data acquisition and technology.

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Dr.Gul Muhammad Khan

Director CISNR

Dr. Gul is a prominent figure in the field of AI on both National and International forums. He is ambitious and confident about revolutionizing the technological landscape through Intelligent Systems and Artificial Intelligence.

Dr. Gul received his Ph.D. in Electronics Engineering with a specialization in Intelligent Systems Design from the University of York, UK. In addition to being a pragmatic researcher, Dr. Gul is also an excellent academician. He has authored 77 publications, including a Springer published, Evolution of Artificial Neural Development: In Search of Learning Genes. Dr. Gul is also providing consultancy services to different utility companies and public entities on efficient load management via AI and IoT.

Why Choose Us!

Energy efficiency & sustainability: We are committed to bring efficient & sustainable energy for the whole society.
Pioneer in the digitization & transformation of energy: We are pioneers in the digitization, transformation & processes, turning the bold ideas of utility/distribution companies & customers into reality with a sense of purpose & highest standards.
Protecting infrastructure: We ensure optional health of infrastructure & saving it from any hazardous incidents.
Saving energy & Environment: We ensure to save energy & environment for our upcoming generations via secure & sophisticated technologies.


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