Welcome to CISNR

CISNR is registered with the Asian Development Bank & World Bank as a consulting firm. It provides consultation regarding emerging & existing solutions in a vast area of technological & social development sectors. Global expertise, applied locally CISNR allows rapid engagement scalability, right from analysis to implementation.

We aim at providing smart and intelligent solutions to the society that create a balance in managing safety, economic growth and environment through accurate data acquisition and technology.

Our Targeted

Sustainable Development Goals

Fostering National AI Capacity

Build national capacity to carry out R&D in the emerging field of Artificial Intelligence by solving at least a small number of AI problems identified and mutually agreed by scientific communities comprising local and international experts.

Empowering Innovators

To provide a platform and resources to competent researchers, developers, and engineers to innovate modern solutions for complex problems.

Transforming the Future

To conduct research in various fields of AI and prevent/minimize natural and man-made disasters using data intelligence.

Unlocking Boundless Creativity

Development of innovative designs and intelligent systems.


Our Products