About AquaCure

Water supply management system is a SCADA system that addresses a big lump of water protection and metering problems from water pumping tube wells through storage tanks to consumers by providing real-time data acquisition and control of water quality & quantification for the water supply network.

Sustainable Development Goals

Key Features

Provides real-time monitoring and Control of water pumping stations

Provides real-time monitoring of water reservoirs

Provides real-time monitoring of water quality [Dissolved Oxygen, Dissolved carbon dioxide,Electric Conductivity,

Total Dissolved Solids,Total Suspended Solids,Turbidity, Salinity, Resistivity, Acidity, Temp]

Provides real-time monitoring of Water Flow at Source and consumer level

Provides Auto-scheduling of Pumping Stations

Provides Pumping Station protection against dry-run, False voltages, Links down or any other electric fluctuation

Provides real-time Electricity consumption statistics (KWH, KVAR, KVA, Voltages, Currents, PF)

Provides real-time monitoring of Water supply network for any leakages or water theft

Provides Remote monitoring and control of Motorized and non-motorized valve for pressure control

What Do We Offer

Pumping station monitoring and control, Protective Alerts

Water theft security and leakage traceability

Water Quality Management

Water supply metering(Post-Paid and Pre-Paid)

Complete and easy Asset management

Customizable range of quality parameters testing


Water supply management

Water Pumping Station:

  • Automatic ON/OFF functionality
  • Online Control & Monitoring
  • Electricity Consumption
  • Pump Protection

Remote valve:

  • Automatic ON/OFF
  • functionality
  • Motorized Valve

Consumer Water Metering:

  • Commercial
  • Domestic
  • Industrial

Water supply management

pH Level


Water Turbidity

Salinity & Resistivity

Dissolved Co2

Total Dissolved Solids

Electric Conductivity

Total Suspended Solids