About AMS

Asset Management System (AMS) is a comprehensive solution revolutionizing surveillance and security operations. Utilizing advanced computer vision technology, AMS ensures seamless surveillance and protection for your assets. From detecting potential threats like weapons and unauthorized access to monitoring compliance with safety protocols such as facemask detection and social distancing, AMS empowers you to maintain a secure environment effortlessly. With features like facial recognition and tamper detection, AMS offers comprehensive surveillance solutions tailored to your needs.


Weapon Detection

Facemask Detection

Drowsiness Detection

Perimeter Breach Detection

Facial Expression Recognition

Camera Tampering

Social Distancing

Mob Detection

Smart Parking

Face Recognition



Enhanced security with real-time threat detection, including weapons and breaches

Improved safety compliance through features like facemask and social distancing detection

Efficient asset management with smart parking and facial recognition capabilities

Proactive threat prevention with facial expression recognition and tamper detection

Seamless integration with existing security systems for maximum effectiveness

Real-time monitoring and instant alerts for timely responses to incidents

Customizable solutions to fit specific security needs and adapt to changes

Data-driven insights for informed decision-making and proactive measures


The architecture of our Asset Management System (AMS) begins with the installation of CCTV cameras in the designated area, capturing all events in real-time. These camera feeds are then transmitted to our robust AMS servers, where they undergo comprehensive processing. Depending on the features selected by the user, our servers employ advanced computer vision and AI methods to analyze the video feed. This includes tasks such as weapon detection, facial recognition, and social distancing monitoring, among others. Once processed, the AI-generated results are seamlessly integrated into the video feed and displayed to the user, providing invaluable insights and ensuring enhanced surveillance and security measures.