About RMS

Road Managment System is a state-of-the-art solution to control traffic congestion with the concept of Digitalizing the Transportation System with almost to no human supervision. RMS functions on real-time cameras to provide useful insights on account of Artificial Intelligence Algorithms enabling the end user to have traffic statistics & can also be integrated with Traffic Signals for adaptive control using AI.


Highly Accurate Individual Vehicle Detection

Correctly Classifies Different Types of Vehicles

Precisely Counts the total and indivdual Classes of Vehicles

Bi-Directional Lane Identification of Vehicles

Traffic Jam and Road Blocks Identification

Real-time Road Status on the Map

Precise Traffic Analysis at Intersections

Accurate Predictions of upcomming Traffic Patterns


Efficient Traffic Control: Accurate vehicle detection and lane identification reduce congestion and improve traffic flow

Enhanced Safety: Real-time identification of jams and roadblocks enables quick response, minimizing accidents

Optimized Road Usage: Classifying vehicles and analyzing traffic patterns helps optimize road infrastructure and usage

Improved Planning: Real-time updates aid authorities in making informed decisions, leading to better resource allocation

Time and Cost Savings: Accurate traffic predictions help commuters plan routes efficiently, saving time and fuel costs

Environmental Impact: Reduced congestion leads to lower emissions, supporting sustainability goals


The architecture of the Road Management System (RMS) is built on a network of traffic cameras strategically placed along roads, all linked to RMS servers. These cameras continuously monitor traffic flow, transmitting data to the servers. Leveraging advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) models, the servers analyze this data, accurately determining vehicle directions, counts, traffic patterns, and other relevant metrics outlined in the system's features. Subsequently, this processed information is seamlessly displayed on the application's intuitive dashboards, providing users with real-time insights into road conditions and enabling informed decision-making for traffic management and navigation.